AfterShip Brand


SaaS unicorn AfterShip was looking for a rebrand to better communicate with their users. We recreated and re-defined a more persuasive brand story that continues bringing loyal customers.

*This project was designed when Pinyi was a brand designer at AfterShip

Brand Design

Logo Design

Marketing Design

Graphic Design


AfterShip raised $66 million in Series B financing, built a brand new office, and expanded its staff to over 500 people. As the post-epidemic situation continued to affect the e-commerce ecosystem, AfterShip decided to adjust its business strategy.


AfterShip did not have an accurate brand positioning at this moment, resulting in a lack of supreme guidance in communication, such as visual style, cultural aspects, and even product decisions. For its public appearance, AfterShip also didn’t manage to present a consistent brand vocabulary to its users and stakeholders.

Our Actions

Through brainstorming sessions, we first re-defined the brand core for AfterShip. And then, we refined the main visual elements, visual identity system. Lastly, we helped re-examine and upgrade all the brand touchpoints to build a more compelling brand image.


We created a complete branding system for AfterShip, including logos, fonts, colors, and complete design guidelines. We extended the entire branding system to the online website, products, and offline materials, giving the brand precise cultural values and a consistent visual vocabulary.