AfterShip UI


We helped AfterShip improve its product experience and team efficiency by building a holistic UI design system.

*This project was designed when Pinyi was a UI designer at AfterShip

Design System

UI / UX Design

Web Design


AfterShip has more than 10 product lines, which are planned and developed by different teams. As the production volume grows, maintenance costs and consistency issues arise. In addition, the branding of AfterShip has been renewed. They want to better deliver the brand values to their users with the products.


Without a design system, the same component is often drawn and developed repeatedly and inconsistently, which leads to an inefficient and inconsistent user experience.

Our Actions

We packaged the colors, fonts, Icons, and standardized components into an internal design system website maintained by the development and design teams. Once the design system was established, we applied it to all our toC products to redesign them.


The design system has established a standard to reduce communication costs and free up some workforces. The product redesign based on the design system has also gained many new customers for the company.