Lark Player


We introduced the user-centered design methodology for Lark Player to clarify user needs, built a design and branding system, and implemented it into the product to create a high-quality product experience.

*This project was designed when Pinyi was a product designer at Mobiuspace


Design System

Brand Design


Lark Player is a famous music player in Latin America. With the change in consumer habits from local to online, the product team needed to find a new appropriate interaction method. On the other hand, the old brand image and interface style had to be upgraded to take advantage of this business change.


In the past, Lark Player did not have a precise product positioning, resulting in a lack of consensus in product decisions. The product structure is also very inconsistent due to the constant change of product designers.

Our Actions

We first organized several workshops to establish a persona model and to reorganize the entire product structure. We also built a design system to define the components' specifications, interaction methods, and usage scenarios. Finally, the whole product was redesigned based on the above work.


The new interface has been well received. The number of daily active users has increased by six million in the six months since the revamp.